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- Live Call recordings
- Channeling sessions
-Breathwork, Movement medicine & Dance parties... and much more!
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The Innerversity FREE Library

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What you'll find in the Library:


- Transformational Live Calls recordings

- Guided Breathwork meditation

- Energy activating Dance Parties to follow along

... and much more!

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Martin McNicholl


As a loving compassionate raw authentic mentor and messenger I inspire, empower and serve those ready to awaken and remember true freedom abundance and joy.

 Having overcome adversity of separation, fear and addiction, I feel, understand and know people's real life challenges and guide them to remember the truth of their wholeness, perfection and divinity regardless of their life circumstances now.

 Having direct experience of many mentors, modalities, teachers paths and people, I activate and reawaken innate self healing, self-mastery and integration of body, mind and spirit to transform from the inside out.